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A door closer is a device that closes a door, in general after someone opens it, or after it was automatically opened. The self-closing function offered by door closers provides an important level of security for external doors and fire doors along exit routes in building.

There are three styles of door-closer: overhead, surface-mounted and jamb- mounted. Overhead door closers, can be concealed or surface mounted, whereas jamb mounted closers, fit between the door and the door frame and are totally concealed when the door is closed. A surface mounted one, is attached to the door frame behind the door (where the hinges are) next to the middle hinge. The arm rests against the door, and a spring that is bent by the user opening the door closes the door by retracting to its proper shape.
选择一个更接近的门可以涉及到各种标准的考虑。除了在火灾情况下的更密切的表现, 其他标准可能包括抵抗开放力量 (为残疾人或弱者使用) 以及安全, 耐久性, 破坏/结扎和美学的风险。
To limit the speed at which the door closes, common door closers use hydraulic (oil-filled) dampers, although spring mechanisms may also be used. The speed at which the door closer closes the door may be adjustable by up to two set screws. These screws aften adjust the sweep speed and the latch speed of the door. The latch speed is the speed that the door travels in the last third to 10 degrees as it closes and is aften set fast so that the door can properly latch closed. The sweep speed is the speed which the door travels at along the first two thirds of its travel and is often set slower than the latch speed.
  • 门更靠近安装在冲洗门面板的顶部, 在单方向打开, 实现自动门关闭功能的装置。
  • 门更近不带重量的门;应与铰链或底板弹簧一起使用。
  • 安装在 apair 冲洗门时, 应与门协调器配合使用, 防火门必须安装与门更近。门失败者安装在防火门必须采取行动关闭门和闩锁, 以防止火焰蔓延。
Door closer can ensure door opened is able to close automatically; it protects safety of household together with door locks.
  • 在门打开后自动将车门固定在位置上: 它能在一定位置上用特殊的附件或加在门上的联锁功能把门打开, 但是, 这种装置不适合防火门或门需要与防烟雾功能。
  • 为了减少阻力: 当门打开到某一位置时会有阻力减小, 轻率也可以根据需要进行调整。此功能用于防止门或钟对墙的冲击, 当门被匆忙打开时损坏。
  • 延迟关门: 门会从最宽的位置关闭, 并有固定的速度, 可以根据需要调整。它适用于有很多人和人经常去的地方和我们, 特别是在医院门和接触, 老人, 儿童和残疾人通过。

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